The Human Footprint; CD release!

Armand Gutheim's new CD, The Human Footprint is released by The Sublunar Society on March 1st 2017 with guest musicians Hans Müller, Yvan Auzely, Charlotte Assarsson, Sabina Gutheim, Eva Maria Hux, Sven-Olov Persson, Santiago Jimenez Borges and Peder Bjoerk.

"The Human Footprint is a musical epic in 21 parts, illustrating the different ways man leaves an imprint on our planet. The awareness may be increasing, but the problem threatens to soon become urgent. On one side we see mankind's eternal struggle for constant development, and on the other side the desire to, somehow, return to our roots. My wishes for this album is to hopefully awaken thoughts and feelings about this subject in the way only music can..." /Armand Gutheim

Most welcome to buy the album here or on Bandcamp. Orders will be shipped out from March 1st 2016. The album is also available for download and streaming on all major services.