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OF THE 1900s...

The Lost Memorial of the 1900s... is a 13-track full length album with Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra, produced by Mother Earth Artists and digitally released by The Orchard through IndogoBoom in 2018

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Booklet to the album.
Concept, music, lyrics, recording and mixing: Armand Gutheim.
Mixing and mastering: Simon  Mårtensson.    Produced by Armand Gutheim.
Recorded and mixed at Mother Earth Studio, Stockholm, Sweden. 
Mixed and mastered at Stockholm City Theater Sound Studio, Sweden. 

Musicians: Armand Gutheim, Hans Müller, Simon Mårtensson, Yvan Auzely, Charlotte Assarsson, Sabina Gutheim, Sven-Olov Persson, Niklas Rundquist, Peter Lagergren and the Nynäshamn Chamber Choir conducted by Karl Nicklas Gustavsson.

The Lost Memorial of the 1900s... is a concept album with an anti-war theme. 

Some say history repeats itself, but that’s not completely true.
Nevertheless, it seems true when past circumstances are similar to today’s.
So one wonders why we often fail to recognize and learn from previous mistakes.
Is that because we humans tend to live in the here and now?

How many times have trivial events and minor decisions
led to unforeseen circumstances that changed the course of history?
The 1900s provide many examples of these, still relevant for us all today.
Eternal reminders of how little things can make a big difference.

When we overlook these reminders, we lose historical perspective
and it’s lessons only fade into dark obscurity.
So let the music speak and take us on a trip through time, and rediscover…
The Lost Memorial of the 1900s... 

©℗ 2018 Mother Earth Artists, Stockholm, Sweden.


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© ℗ 1992-2011 Mother Earth Artists, Sweden.