New single and video: The Lost Memorial of the 1900s... Part 3

Mother Earth Artists presents the third 2-tracks single "The Lost Memorial of the 1900s... Part 3" consisting of: "The Hollow Coast" [1939] / "Apocalypse" [1945] with Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra. It is preceding the release of the forthcoming full length album "The Lost Memorial of the 1900s..." on December 15, 2018.

Join us on this musical trip through time and history with all its reminders and milestones still relevant for us all today. This single takes us back to 1939, when humanity's biggest disaster so far was waiting outside the door with WW2, and to 1945 when the first and only time nuclear weapons were used in war, which put an end to WW2 but also meant the start of the Cold War. 

The single is available here and on all major digital music services.

Mother Earth Artists also presents the new music video "Apocalypse" [1945] which accompany this new single "The Lost Memorial of the 1900s... Part 3". 
Starring in the video is Armand Gutheim, Charlotte Assarsson, Yvan Auzely and Simon Mårtensson. Enjoy!... 
Published October 22, 2018.

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