Armand Gutheim participating at "Art Capital" in Paris

Armand Gutheim is participating with some of his newest paintings 
at the annual art exhibition "Art Capital" at Grand Palais in Paris!

The Choise between Black and White - Armand Gutheim 2018 (70x100)
Acrylic painting

"Art has several languages but only one source - us!...

Every day we are confronted with new choices, new decisions to take, new ways to follow. At best, a choice between black and white. But life is not black or white, and as a consequence we are always faced with the question whether we made the right choice and chosen the right color..."

They call me Mellow Yellow - Armand Gutheim 2018 (18x24)
Acrylic painting

"We are certainly many who have heard and remember Donovan’s joyful and multifaceted song from the 1960s. But today the song, just as the hippie culture of the time, resembles only an echo of colorful naivety..." 

© 2018 Armand Gutheim, Mother Earth Artists, Stockholm, Sweden

Published February 10, 2018.