Performing Beatles 4eveR

- a musical saga about the world's top pop group who came to stay!

The Beatles are probably the band that has left the greatest imprint, and their music are constantly being discovered by new generations. But the Beatles are about more than music, and to listen to their story is also an experience!

Armand Gutheim and Hans Müller have during their more than 30 year long careers harbored a great admiration for the Beatles. They perform no less than 40 of The Beatles' great songs in a very personal way, and they tell the most exciting Beatles story with a series of anecdotes and unheard "secret internal gossip".

Here is en excerpt from a performance given at the Pygméteatern in Stockholm on November 8th 2016. Enjoy many of the Beatles' best-loved classics, but also some of their less played master pieces!


© 2016 Mother Earth Artists, Stockholm, Sweden
Published October 30, 2016.